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How do I list an item for donation?

Listing an item on charityBay couldn’t be more simple. Firstly, make sure you have created your charityBay account and ensure your details are correct and up to date, including pick up address. Then follow a series of instructions below:


1. Donate Item: Click on the 'Donate Item' in the top right-hand corner.

2. What are you donating: Write the title of your donation.

3. Select a category: Select a category from our list, or select other if your item doesn’t quite fit into our existing categories.

4. A little bit about your item:

  • Upload some pictures of your item - Remember, great lighting and clear quality images will attract the attention of your buyers. We recommend including photos of any condition defects as transparency to your buyers is #1.
  • Reserve price - We recommend reserve price of $0.99, but you do have the option to set a higher reserve price for your item. The auction will still start at $0.99, but you will be notified if the reserve price were not met at the end, so you can choose if you still want to donate the item based on the highest bid.
  • Write a description - A clear, concise and honest description is important for your buyers. Include a brief history of the item, why you’re passing it on to a new home, any potential imperfections and the original price you purchased the item for.

5. Nominate a charity:

  • Choose a charity to support: This is where the fun begins. Complete the survey to assist in identifying the charities closest to your heart, search charities by categories or suggestion, or choose 'I'm feeling lucky' to generate a random selection from thousands of available charities. TIP: the little green tick identifies charities who are tax-deductible.
  • Auction start and duration: Choose the length of your auction between 1, 3 or 7 days.
  • Confirm your pick up address: Provided your profile details are up to date, simply select your address from the drop-down box. 

6. List Item: Double check all your information is correct and press list item! All that’s left to do is watch as you generate much-needed funds for those in need of it most.


Click here to begin listing items.

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