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What is charityBay Collections?

charityBay collections is a charityBay initiative whereby our dedicated team travel around Melbourne in search of items for the purpose of rehoming or repurposing and giving back to much-needed charities.

The initiative was formed to tackle the war of hard waste. Far too often do we see perfectly good items dumped on the nature strip because of convenience and complacency. Enough is enough. charityBay is fighting back!

Our activities include:

  • collecting items on behalf of community members
  • frequently visiting apartment sites 
  • collecting items of value left on the nature strip

Upon collection, these items are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised and then are listed on the charityBay platform ready for a new home.

If you live in Melbourne and are unable to list your item, please contact 1800 954 254 and arrange for a charityBay in-person service.

For more information visit

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